FREIPOL EXTRA PP - Double wall corrugated PP sewage pipe according to EN 13476-1, stiffness class SN8 and SN12 
double wall pipe, outside corrugated black colour, inside smooth turquoise colour  

- according to the specifications of the standard EN 13476 for structured-wall sewerage pipe systems of polypropylene, and to the standard DIN 16961

- the smooth inner surface of the pipe ensures excellent hydraulic characteristics

- pipe coupling with double sleeve or with integral socket

- all sleeve joints come with one or two ring seals, that need to be placed in the first recess of the straight pipe end

FREIPOL EXTRA PP pipes are available in nominal dimensions DN200–DN1200, and stiffness classes SN8 and SN12, with a standard pipe length of 6m.

Beneficial properties:

- suitable for the installation of gravity (non-pressure) underground drainage and sewerage pipe systems

- safe drainage of rain- and waste-water

- larger diameters are suitable also for the construction of culverts and water tanks

- drainage pipes with different perforation ratios available

- in case of a traffic load of up to SLW60 a minimum cover of 0,5m is required

- possibility of a subsequent connection of pipelines to public mains using FREIPOL DOCK saddle tap tees in dimensions DN160 and DN200